Thank you SO MUCH for being interested in teaming up with me to capture my clients memories and love story! If you are interested in working together please look through this page to see if we'd be a good fit before filling out the application at the bottom of the page. 

This page is not only where you can fill out an application if you are interested in second shooting with me, but it is also a resource for you to know how I like to work with my Second Shooters, what will be expected of you if we shoot together, the style of shots I'm looking for, and frequent questions answered. As always though, if you have any questions not on this page, shoot me a message! I'm always up to chat!

Hello awesome second shooter!

It's possible we already know each other, but just in case we're new friends (or if you'd like a refresher):
-I've been photographing weddings and portraits for 15+ years. 
-Prickly Pear ANYTHING has my heart instantly. 
-3 kids call me Mom. Over and over all day long. And at night. But I kinda like them. ;)
-I'm sleeping with my Biology Professor. Ok, well...not really as I'm not enrolled. I'm an incredibly proud professor's wife though! He's pretty fabulous!
-Orange has always and will forever be my favorite color. I know, it's weird. But so am I, so it works!

I'm Marquette

Many photographers use their second shooter purely as a backup and use a minimal amount of the 2nd's photos in the final gallery. I don't see you mainly as my backup, but as an extension of me. You allow "me" to be in two places at once. We'll work in tandem to capture the day and I love to mix our shots together for the final gallery.  While I am the lead photographer, I love for my seconds to shoot and work alongside me not as a subordinate but as a partner. 

Here is what I'm looking for in a Second Shooter:

friendly and helpful

willing to be my sidekick 

will treat my clients with love and respect

problem solver

Shoots excellently in manual

Sorta joking. When Cameron would help me at weddings that's what he would call himself. During a wedding there will be times I need someone to run get forgotten bouquets, hold diffusers, carry gear, or hold a veil. I will generally ask when I see a need, but if you see a need don't be afraid to jump in and get it done! 

The pack mule

You make it possible for "me" to be in two places at once. While I am photographing the final bridal details you will be capturing the groom's details, the guys getting jackets, putting on ties, writing vows last minute, hanging with his groomsmen, etc. 

the Guys

This is a big one! When I second shoot this takes a bit of a mental shift, but I find it can be extremely fun. Your job as a second shooter isn't to duplicate my shots but to add another perspective to the gallery. Feel free to play with composition, angles,  zooming in or out, and being creative! This shot above is one I snapped while the photographer was shooting their faces and both shots of this exact moment turned out stunning and in the final gallery because they each look completely different. 

Alternate angles

Your 3 Main Jobs as my Second Shooter

I do not require all black. I try to dress like a classy guest and love when my seconds do the same. Please stay away from bright distracting colors, revealing tops, or skirts that are too short to move, squat, or possibly run in. I'm okay with dress pants, dresses, or skirts. Please do not come in yoga pants, ripped jeans, graphic tees, slouchy hoodies, or flip flops (nice looking sandals are ok). 

What to Wear


Wedding day

Every wedding timeline is a little different, so rather than break down a day by exact timeline this will break down what I will need you to do for different parts of the day, wherever they happen to fall during the wedding day. Some weddings you may not shoot every single part of the day with me as we may need to divide and conquer, but this will give you an idea of what to expect at each phase of the day. 

Before we ever start shooting, we'll meet up to make sure our camera times are synced, you have memory cards to shoot on, go over the timeline one last time, and to get any last minute plans made before it's go time! 


This is the one part of the day that I always count on my second shooter being able to shoot on their own. I find it usually works best to gather the details and let the guys know that you will be back to get photos of them putting on ties, fastening vests, getting shoes on, etc in 10-15 minutes. Detail shots for the groom can include shoes, belt, cuff links, cologne, belt, socks, tie, flask, lapel pin, watch, etc. Anything he has that's special to how he's dressing for his wedding! Then return the details and get photos of him putting the details on and hanging out with his groomsmen.


If we are shooting bride prep together I will usually start with the detail shots. If there is enough time in the timeline I'll invite you to shoot those with me, but if we are on a tight schedule I'll shoot the details while you get shots of the girls (especially the bride) getting ready. 
I may have you run errands like fetching the bouquets from a different place at the venue, tracking Mom down for the final dress shots, or continuing photos while I sew a bridesmaid into her dress (it's happened a few times!). 


You and I will have decided the First Look spot earlier in the day. You will take the Groom to the location and get him ready. I like to have you explain that this is for them, not us or any one else and that there are not expectations for reactions or what to do. They get to just be them! 

For the First Look we will get different angles from each other, if possible and we'll keep out of their exchange until they let us know they are ready to start some portraits together. 


This is always a favorite part of the day! During this time if you keep your eye out for things that may need moved (trash in the background or a train that is bunched up weird) that is incredibly helpful. I may ask you to help hold bouquets or veils. But mostly I love to have you shooting! This is your chance to play with angles, get artistic shots, and to take alternate angles. We usually shoot at different angles from each other, unless I'm shooting tight on their faces and you notice they are holding hands cute and you step right beside me to get that shot. 


As long as time allows, I will always try to turn over 5-10 minutes of posing to my second shooter and I'll shoot the side angles. That way if you have an idea you want to try you are welcome to go for it and you can get some shots of the bride and groom from the primary angles!

I will try to have you there for as much of the portrait time as possible, but on occasion I will need to send my second shooter to grab cocktail hour or other events if the timeline is tight.  


In most cases, I will be covering the angle looking down the aisle from the groom's perspective during the ceremony and you will get the perspective looking up the aisle. 
From there we will move around quietly to the sides or back. I will be focusing on the Bride and Groom to get the essential shots. I love for you to get alternate angles of essential moments (vows, rings, The Kiss), but also any guest reactions when possible. 
For The Kiss and the Recessional I will typically be in the center aisle and you to one side (whichever is best for your light). 


Except in rare circumstances, I will have you man the shot list while I take the photos during family formals. I work with the couple ahead of time to get the family shot list put together. I will have the list, complete with names as much as possible, for you so you can have groups ready to go and we can be as efficient as possible. 


While I shoot the Bride and Bridesmaids together, you will shoot the Groom and Groomsmen. I like to get the traditional shot to be safe, some editorial shots, fun shots if there are time, and a shot of the groom with each Groomsman. 
When it's time to photograph the whole bridal party I will get the main angles and you will get side angles. You can get the whole group, focus on bouquets, get shots of shoes, reactions and interactions, or whatever grabs your eye!


This is an important one for my business model. These photos are used not only for the couple and their family to look back on but to allow the creatives and vendors involved to have nice images of their work as well. We obviously cannot capture every single tiny detail, but I try to get what we can. 
I also include a portion of the wedding gallery of images from the wedding that would make good art prints for their home (without looking like it's from a wedding). If you see details or shots that would fall in either category and have time to snap it, go ahead and grab that shot!


Here we mostly go into documentary mode. I try hard to not take pictures of people eating...that's one of my only rules. 
Reception shots can often start looking all the same after too long, so I try to look out for emotion in the onlookers, side moments happening, and interactions. Any chance you have to grab a group shot or pictures of a couple take it! 


If you have a chance to grab behind the scenes of any of the vendors or creatives, I love to add those to the gallery and send to the vendors. For those that utilize social media marketing, these behind the scenes shots are incredibly helpful! Shots of them doing their craft, interacting with the guests or the couple, or shots of them with their work are all great possibilities! 

(And I also appreciate some BTS shots of me to use on social media as well!)


frequently asked

CAn I use the photos I take in my portfolio?

Yes! I have learned so much from my time as a second shooter, I want you to be able to look back through your photos, learn from what we did together, and keep your best shots. 

Yes! I ask all second shooters to wait a month after I get the blog post live (I aim to have that up by the week after the wedding), but then you can post on your website and social media. I do ask that you do not tag the client or the vendors. 

Most likely! Apart from being the one to take the groom prep photos, you will probably be asked to do some posing during the day. This could be times when I am photographing the bride and you will pose the groom, during portraits I always try to give my 2nd at least 5 minutes of posing time, and I'll be totally honest...if a wedding hits on a rough period day I may need to duck out to the bathroom an extra few times for a few minutes and have you keep the show running. 

No! I don't mind if we shoot on different types of cameras!

Can I use photos I take on my website and social media?

Will I be expected to pose the clients at all through the day? 

Do I have to shoot nikon? 

No! However, I will need you to be able to properly expose your photos so that I can edit them in my style. 

Do we have to have the same style of editing? 

I can't wait to review your application. I value your time immensely and want to ensure that we are the best fit together before moving forward. 

If you have any questions you can email me at

Apply to work together

thank you!

We'll be in touch shortly